iTunes 8 Loses CD & DVD Import & Burning Drivers

It seems that some users installing iTunes 8 on Windows systems are encountering an error message:

“ERROR: The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning cds and dvds are missing… Please re-install iTunes”

iTunes uses GEAR software drivers for importing and burning CD’s & DVD’s. Re-installing (or installing the latest GEAR drivers seems to fix this problem. No reboot required for this install.

You can get the current GEAR drivers here:

If this does not fix your problem download a fresh installer for iTunes here:

Uninstall iTunes, reboot,  & then do a fresh install of iTunes.


  1. gatorcat

    I have uninstalled iTunes, rebooted, installed the new correct gearsoft drivers, rebooted, installed iTunes, uninstalled, made the registry recommend changes, reinstalled, rebooted and have done all this several times logically and still I get the problem that iTunes can not see my CD or DVD drives, running Vista Home Premium.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreicated.

  2. simpsop

    I wish I had something else. This process fixed my problems on WinXP Pro.

  3. mjveteto

    When I went to the registry entry, there was not an entry for UpperLimit so I added one, as follows:

    I created a new “Multi String Value” within this key (very important to select Multi String Value).

    I named it UpperFilters, and then double clicked it to add the GEARAspiWDM text WITH a carriage return.

    This resolved my problem.

  4. Eleanor

    Mjveteto – This worked for us – thank you!

  5. Josh

    You said “WITH a carriage return” What does that mean?

    • simpsop

      With a Carriage Return means you need to hit “Return” / “Enter” at the end of the line of text to move down to the next line.So you have 1 line with text, and a second line with nothing on it.

  6. Krish

    I have tried this but no success any other ideas!!
    Thank you

  7. Krish

    Hi Everyone,

    I am still unable to get this resolved I have tried all the above steps anyother ideas would be of great help

  8. Danny

    I have the same problem but on windows 64-bit . I have tried everything mentioned above but nothing has worked.

  9. jamowa

    I am having the same problem and running low on solutions. When I open itunes the following error message appears. “The registry settings used by the ITUNES drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing.” I have uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes 8; Quicktime; & updated Gear drivers umpteen times and the error still occurs. I’ve run MS Registry cleaner; CCleaner; still have error.

    Per the instructions in this thread re: GEARaspiWMD.inf, that file resides in my C:\i386 folder. I don’t have a Gear folder & my x86 folder only holds Diskeeper.exe.

    Still looking for a solution…any new leads?

  10. THANK YOU for this page. I have been experiencing this warning message since I accidentally hit “auto update” on my itunes and it updated me into itunes 8 — now everytime I click into itunes I get the Warning message: “The registry settings used by the ITUNES drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing.”
    I am unable to burn any CD’s or upload to itunes. I’ve taken the above steps regarding Total removal of itunes and downloading/updating the Gear Drive. All to no avail.
    Have been on the phone with an Apple Tech for over 2 hours. He’s a nice guy, but nothing we have tried is fixing this issue.
    FRUSTRATING…. anything new?

    • simpsop

      Did you try editing the registry as above:

      When I went to the registry entry, there was not an entry for UpperLimit so I added one, as follows:

      I created a new “Multi String Value” within this key (very important to select Multi String Value).

      I named it UpperFilters, and then double clicked it to add the GEARAspiWDM text WITH a carriage return.

  11. jamowa

    Thanks for all the help. I finally went to the registry and added the UpperFilters string & typed in the GEARAspiWDM text. I didn’t insert a carriage return, but the solution worked just the same. I can’t believe I spent so much time on such a stupid error. Apple & Gear ought be tarred & feathered.

  12. walt

    this worked for me with the multistring value. at first it gave the same error message, closed it, then reopened and now it’s good. THANK YOU!!!

    also i reinstalled new gear drivers, etc beforehand.

  13. Stan

    I have removed upper and lower filters, added upperfilter multi string, removed itunes and re installed itunes, downloaded drivers with no help. At least I can use the burner with other programs except Itunes. I’m currently with out upper and lower filters.

    When I open itunes I get; the registry settings used by itunes drivers for importing and burning Cds and DVDs are missing.

    Anyone have a new Idea, you help will be greatly appreciated.

  14. Tom

    Downloading the latest gear drivers worked!! I had uninstalled and re-installed iTunes at least twice. Finally downloaded the latest gear drivers (dated 02/04/09) and then tried iTunes and it finally loaded up. Seems to burn the CD slower than I recall, but maybe I just don’t remember how long it took before.

  15. Alex

    Extremely thankful
    The gears drivers worked for me too and I do not even know what was wrong! Thanks so much

  16. Barry

    I can’t believe this. Apple claims to be the king of user friendliness. And iTunes creates these persistent problems. Their website gives the manual Registry setting changes work-around, which cannot be considered a true solution because editing the registry is not a joke. Ironically when my computer stopped reading my CD/DVD Drives I went to the Microsoft website. And their website provided a manual solution for editing the registry and also gave a small executable file as an alternative to those who are not sufficiently tech savvy. I ran the program and voila, I was able to use my CD/DVD drives. But then came the rub, and like everyone else leaving comments here kept getting the same error message “The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing…” since then I have reinstalled iTunes 4 times and the problem does not go away. I love iTunes but am thinking that I need to switch to EphPod or another iTunes substitute. Someone here commented that they noticed their CD/DVD write times have gotten longer. I think this person hit the nail on the head. Because I recall shortly after I installed iTunes for the first time my DVD write time went from about 10-15 minutes to close to an hour. At the time I thought it was Nero that was creating theproblem. Now I know that it was iTunes. I have never been an Apple basher, but sorry to say this I have found out the hard way that Apple SUCKS!!! They are so bent on controlling DRM through their iTunes that they care two hoots for the problems their customers experience. Pathetic!!!! Sorry for this long rant folks, but I am EXTREMELY frustrated. What is truly tragic is that I love iTunes but I just may have to give it up and load another software on my iPod.

    I will try out the GEAR drivers update and only hope that it works. But even if it works I think I will just be postponing the inevitable i.e. using another program in place of iTunes.

  17. Jeff

    Thanks so much for the tip. Gear soft install fixed mine.

  18. HummerBoy

    The ‘multi-string’ value hint was the fix. I had regular string values in the registry so the ‘Carriage Return’ wasn’t recognised therefore not working. I deleted the string keys and recreated only the UpperFilter as suggested using a multi-string key and everything started working again. No errors in iTunes and I can now read a disc. Woo hoo!
    As part of my diagnosis I also deleted the DvD out of the devices and rebooted so it auto-detected it. Not sure if you need to do both to make this fix work.
    I have Nero installed but none of the other CD software that people have been talking about.

  19. Scott

    I am not savvy enough to do the regedit. Can anyone give a step by step for this procedure? I (and I assume others) would be grateful. This has been a pain in the backside.

  20. CS

    Thanks very much – this fixed my issues. I appreciate it.

  21. dKJASKLR

    OMG! thank u thanlk soo much for the registry thing thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Adam

    How do you know which E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 you need to add the multistring value to? There are 8 more characters in front of that registry name.

    ex: 4D36E965 – E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318

    There is a big list. Please help from anyone who has solved this problem already

  23. joni

    Please explain the multi string value option. I’ve tried everything to no avail. Still keep getting the warning about registry settings for importing and burning are missing.

  24. Brian

    Scott and others,

    You don’t need to mess with the Registry (by using regedit.exe). Just run “Fix It” on this Microsoft page Unfortunately, that alone was not enough to make iTunes stop complaining about the missing DVD driver.

    If you still have a problem, as I did, run the Gears drivers install as per the original post.

  25. Mike

    I have the same issue. I uninstalled iTunes a few days ago because I never use it and wanted to reclaim the space. Since then I cannot see my DVD/CD drive. I’ve un/reinstalled iTunes and the Gear drives countless times to no avail. Done the reg hacks, etc. Nothing. I found this article, though:

    and noticed one thing. In msinfo32.exe at the bottom, I have the gearaspiwdm driver listed, but it is not Started (value is ‘No’). Perhaps this is the problem — maybe the driver needs to be up and running.

    My question: how can I load/run/start this driver to find out?

  26. Mike

    Thanks. Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick. So now I’ve re/uninstalled iTunes and the latest Gear drivers countless times. I’ve also now ensured that the Gear driver is indeed running. The included link is a screenshot of the registry key – as you can see it’s correct (and there is a carriage return after the value).

    Any other thoughts? I do not get any error messages — I just don’t have access to my optical drive (doesn’t appear as a drive in My Computer).


  27. joni

    Grear software worked! I can import and burn CDs again!!
    Thank you!

  28. Brian

    << Mike

    This is for the Mike with the pink star two posts above 🙂

    I’m assuming that you can burn a CD from iTunes i.e. that iTunes can get to the drive now but you don’t see in My Computer?

    I had that situation too. I followed another suggestion that I’ve seen to resolve. Put the PC to Sleep and then awake it. I can’t remember if I only saw the drive after a reboot or not but that solved the problem for me!

    . . . . Brian

  29. Mike

    Hi Brian. Actually iTunes does not see my drive, either. It seems that it became lost to Windows completely after uninstalling iTunes the first time — and reinstalling that and the Gear drivers has not brought it back. Sorry, the ‘sleep’ trick didn’t work, either. 😦

  30. Jim

    Brilliant! I have been on the phone with Apple and they told me that my Nero was conflicting. BLAH!

    The REGEDIT workaround with Gear drivers worked like a charm!

    Thank you!!!

  31. Hi All

    I was getting the dreaded error so I look up the Registry (as indicated above) but instead of adding a value, I notice that under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} there was an entry for UpperFilter AND an entry for UpperFilters.BAK

    I deleted UpperFilters and renamed UpperFilters.Back to UpperFilters then shut down Registry before trying iTunes. It opened normally. So…if you have a backup entry – that might be the solution

  32. Thank you for your article. I have referenced your post on my blog. Excellent solution.

  33. Jaggi

    Hi ,

    I had the same problem. I went to this site —>

    and under downloads heading ……

    For 32-bit and 64-bit systems: Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe 4.010.1 Jun. 10, 2009

    Download this and everything is back to normal. 🙂

  34. gg

    Had the same problem; tried everything, the gearsoftware free download did the trick….than you all !

  35. bigred

    thanks, this fixed it

  36. dale

    any vista users, with new i phone 3g, had this problem and itunes would not recongnize my phone, downloaded the gearsoftware drivers and all is well…… far

  37. dude

    the driver solution worked thanx alot

  38. Davie

    Perfect! The problem was the entry name. It somehow got renamed to UpperLimit_1. Even Apple didn’t mention it in their fix. Lava’s suggestion was right on target. Just rename UpperLimit_1 to UpperLimit. That was the issue in my case and I bet most cases. You don’t notice the full name because you are fixated by what you’re suppose to be typing in and hitting the carriage return. Many thanks Lava!

  39. Mills

    The gear software worked for me.

  40. Ice

    Will this effect my itunes library?

  41. ottis

    hey mjveteto u r goog that fixed all my probs with itunes i love forums

    now i don’t get pissed off about why hasn’t itunes opend, o wait yeah it has that gay message that comes up and now it doesn’t thnks mjveteto

  42. Rock! Adding the Multi String Value registry key named “UpperFilters” was the fix for me. Thanks Paul Simpson and mjveteto. My iTunes is

  43. Kyler

    What is the GEAR text?

  44. Jonathan (philippines)

    Thank you so much for this site for providing the solution with that error warning message. The driver solves it.

    Its working now! Thanks!

  45. Cindy

    Hello. I am having the same issue after installing iTunes on a new hard drive with Windows 7. I spent a lot of time with HP chat because my CD/DVD was not recognized by windows at all. The tech had me remove the upper and lower filters, and all of a sudden my CD/DVD is back, but I get the same message about iTunes registry settings missing to burn CD’c, etc. My question is how do I install the gear drivers, and where? Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you, Cindy

  46. Greg

    Thank you, mjveteto! I was missing the upper filter and that worked perfectly!

  47. sheryl

    thankyou soooooooo much i had been banging my head against this problem all day. i cannot thank you enough.

  48. Geoffrey

    Same issue as Cindy, from Dec 3, 2009. Finally able to recognize DVD CD ROM optical, but I’m unable to make the following error message go away:

    Registry settings used by iTunes driviers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing.

    There are no upper or lower case filters in my directory.

  49. Katrina

    I’m using 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium on a Sony VGN-SZ670n. The only burning software I have installed is iTunes and whatever came on the Sony eSupport Website as drivers for my computer (which I installed after I did a clean upgrade to Win7). My optical drive is a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-852S ATA drive. I am using the latest version of iTunes which I believe is 9.0.2 or something like that.

    I have tried nearly every solution offered. I deleted LowerFilters, created a multi-string value for UpperFilters and remembered to press enter at the end. This, at least, made my optical drive functional– and at this point I am able to import CDs but not burn them within iTunes.

    In regard to this solution:
    “This step requires that your pc be set up to show extensions for known file types. Which means if you look at any file in your c:\ drive it will show up as afs.sys not just afs. If you don’t see the .sys or .exe or .doc, etc when looking at your files please see TGM post “Showing hidden files, folders and extensions” ( and follow those steps 1st.

    – Once you know you can see the file extensions, open My computer –> C:\ –> Windows –> System32 –> Drivers. In the drivers folder look for a file called afs.sys (There is also one called afd.sys, do not touch that one). If you don’t see afs.sys, then close the Window and restart iTunes.

    – If you do see afs.sys, right click it and select rename, and then rename the file to afs.txt. This file (from a company called Oak Technologies) will be there if you have iTunes or Norton Ghost, or Norton 360 (even if you have uninstalled the program). Once you rename that file (notice how I’m saying rename NOT delete). Restart your computer”

    I did everything involved but I was unable to find afs.sys at all. Even while iTunes was running.

    Finally, I tried this solution:

    Everything looks fine up until the last step. There, it is clear that the drivers exist and are “OK” but for some reason it’s not “Started”. There is no solution on that site listed for how to “Start” them.

    Please let me know if you think you can help or if there is anything more I need to tell you. I am lost and really frustrated.

  50. Hi there.
    Thank you for a great post. It was very helpfull.
    Anyone reading this post should bookmark this guys contents.

    I have a new PC and needed some installation help so i went over to but they did not provide me with the in depth
    info this guy did. he kicks all the bigger sites’ butts.

    Thanks Again

  51. shelly

    I am downloading the gear drivers now. i recently updated to itunes 9.0.3. Doing thi sand then rebooting and praying because….I hav eno idea ho wto go to the registry and would need step by step instructions on how to get there. can anyone help me ..once i know how to get there, i think i can follow the above tips. shelly

  52. ben

    hey sipsop, gotta say mate your a champ….

    Thanks for the advice regarding the registry edit, for a computer simple person like myself you fixed my problem… cheers again mate and hope you stick with forums helping the blind like me!

  53. Stephen

    Downloaded the Gear drivers and it solved the problem.
    Thank you!

  54. Harry

    mjveteto you are a genuine genius. I made a new entry called “UpperFilters” with that information, and now iTunes works. THANKS 🙂

  55. joe

    Gear drivers worked for me, no registry edits needed.

  56. Missy

    Thanks for this!

    It took me all night to redo my songs, cause the older version erased everything then I thought I would have to do it all over again, after I saw this. 🙂

  57. Dharme

    Thank you simpsop. Your solution worked finally. I had given up thinking it is my CDROM drive. Thought I was doomed and not be able to burn any CDs. Apple support on this sucks.

  58. Peter

    Same problem – Updated gear drivers – no change.
    Regsitry edit fixed the problem.

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